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My response to an article in Hospitality Magazine February 2014 about the alarming shortage of people who seek to become apprentices and various views why.




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Describes the decline of the technical chef - Is this also your story?


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"AM I CHEF?". By George Hill A book that identifies the attributes and core values required to be a successful contemporary cook or chef, culinary etiquette, customs and codes of practice. Explores issues such industry titles, training, the role of chef associations, competitions, branding and media.
Widely recommended for chefs, trainers, students, managers, recruitment specialists, and others associated with commercial cookery. Further chapter details - price and purchase.


TechnicalChef  is here to stay . The  question is: Are you ready to be recognised as a legitimate Technicalchef, or are you just an ordinary chef?  be a part of the many, or choose be among the next big few. READ HOW.
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